Head office and laboratory

Central Laboratory functioning as headquarters, research laboratories, and manufacturing plants


    • Meeting room

      There are various types of meeting rooms, allowing us to communicate with clients more effectively. The room walls can be used as a white board.

    • Relaxation & meeting space

      This is a resting place for our employees and a site where they can exchange opinions with each other.

    • Office

      This office makes it easier for clients to participate in the development of products. It is designed to allow us to quickly respond to client needs and is available as a place where clients can talk and consult with us about manufacturing.


    • Analytical equipment room

      This room has many high-performance analytical equipment. In addition to assessing the functions of the effective ingredients produced by using fermentation and also thoroughly conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses of the residual solvents for the purpose of quality control, we make high functional, high quality fermented raw materials into products.

    • Aseptic room

      Air goes through a HEPA filter and then into the room to create a clean environment. The room has four clean benches for aseptic processing, where various microbial tests and functional assessments are conducted by using cultured cells.

    • Experiment room

      This is an area for conducting basic operations such as preparing and pre-processing test samples and manufacturing culture mediums. The room has an evaporator and a freeze dryer, and it is possible to produce small amounts of trial samples.

    • Culture room

      This room has a large culture apparatus capable of shaking over 150 flasks at the same time, as well as a 5L sextuple culture apparatus with settable parameters such as temperature, pH and agitation speed. In this room, highly functional new fermented materials are developed while pursuing optimum cultivation conditions.

    • Skin measurement devices room

      In the room dedicated to skin measurement, there is a multi-skin measuring instrument that can measure stratum corneum moisture content, transdermal moisture transpiration, skin viscoelasticity, and sebum content. The room also has a microscope that can observe the texture and dryness of the skin, and VISIA that can analyze facial texture, spots, wrinkles, inflammation and pores using the latest camera and analysis technology. These instruments are used for not only to research the usefulness of cosmetics and foods for the skin, but also for efficacy for the development of raw materials and formulations for cosmetics.

    • Large shaking culture apparatus

    • HPLC-CAD(Charged Aerosol Detector)

    • 5L sextuple culture apparatus

    • LC/MS/MS

    • GC/MS

    • Microplate reader

    • Real-time PCR

    • Fluorescencemicroscope


    • Fermentation area

      This is an area for manufacturing raw materials for food and cosmetics. It has 30L fermentation tanks used for testing and 1500L fermentation tanks used for production. It also has centrifuges used for filtering and purifying fermented materials and filter presses.

    • 30L fermentation tank

    • 1500L fermentation tank

    • Separation plate type centrifuge

    • Special material fermentation area

      This is an area dedicated to handling special microorganisms. It has 300L fermentation tanks, jacketed buffer tanks, and a constant temperature and humidity room. This area also has a large air conditioning system which is used to reduce the smell that occurs during fermentation and maintain a comfortable temperature in order to reduce the burden on workers.

    • 300L fermentation tank

    • Cylindrical centrifuge